Tyranny of the minority is clearly worse than “tyranny of the

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high quality replica handbags 531 points submitted 1 day agoIt always replica bags online funny watching people go “what, bag replica high quality you want people from New York and California deciding everything?” as https://www.whhandbag.com though it actually a compelling argument in the face of “what, you want a small group of people from a bunch of unpopulated rural states who often have little interest in interacting with any aspect of modern society or even leaving their state/country having dramatically more of a say than everyone else in what happens to one of the largest and most globally influential countries in the world?”In trying to prevent tyranny replica wallets of the majority, our current electoral college setup, the Senate, and a bunch of heavily gerrymandered House districts, designer replica luggage along with the removal of what are basically honor system rules in best replica designer Congress for how many votes are needed to accomplish certain things, basically allows for the exact opposite: tyranny of the minority, where a minority of the country replica designer backpacks who often receives millions fewer votes in all of the federal elections and yet have nearly unlimited power and influence over the entire country.Tyranny of the minority is clearly worse than “tyranny of the majority” (that is, democracy). Although I see the desire to “protect” the interests of smaller groups, the current system replica bags china is basically causing the same problem, but with an extra idiotic spin on it. 0 points submitted 3 days agoCongress is dead. high quality replica handbags

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