There were two blasts in Hyderabad within a span of three

Know the architects of

canadian goose jacket The creation of a discourse on “Hindu Terror” was a covert operations ploy by USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). canadian goose jacket

canada goose store It was designed for a two fold purpose to create a faade of confusion about the real terrorist perpetrators of 26/11 by creating a fog of “Hindu Terror”. The second purpose is an outcome of the first break the Indian national spirit and depress the Hindu community in India, seed a violent communal civil strife and deeply polarize India. canada goose store

canada goose However, this game of fomenting the concept of “Hindu canada goose outlet london Terror” in canada goose outlet real order to keep the majority community divided could not have been played without the collaboration of some anti national Indian stakeholders in the political, government and institutional set ups. In this high stakes intelligence game an innocent Indian army officer Lt Col Srikant Purohit was made the fall guy. canada goose

This article is a revelation of how Lt Col Purohit became a pawn in the hands of Indian collaborators based on official documents that are contained in the confidential files of the Government of India (GoI). Intelligence records available with the GoI reveal that Lt Col Purohit was consistently sending ground reports from Maharashtra on an array of fringe groups, some of whom were sourcing training on a range of militant activities. These confidential documents available with the GoI show that Lt Col Purohit was diligently canada goose outlet belgium doing his job as an intelligence officer.

cheap Canada Goose His accurate warnings and intelligence report had already alerted and warned the GoI of trouble brewing in Malegaon. It is important to remember that separately and co terminus with this timeline, another plan was brewing in Karachi and elsewhere in Pakistan for a terrorist attack on Mumbai. To understand how Lt Col Purohit became a pawn in the hands of those in India, Pakistan and the US to create a narrative of Hindu Terror. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet To understand the trajectory of terror from Malegaon to Mumbai 26/11, it is important to keep the following triangular reference frame in mind: Canada Goose Outlet

A simple internet search on links between the CIA and ISI throws up more than a million results in less than a second. Let us accept the evidence submitted canada goose outlet price and accepted in the US Court trial of David Headley and the admissions made by the US canada goose womens outlet Government agencies during the course of this trial.

canada goose clearance On January 24, 2013 a federal judge in the US sentenced American canada goose outlet miami David Coleman Headley’s to 35 years in prison for his role in organizing scouting missions for the 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai that killed 160 people. canada goose clearance

During the trial Headley revealed to the Court that the ISI helped Lashkar e Taiba (LeT) execute 26/11 attacks, Further, lawyers during the trial firmly established that Headley was a double agent working for the buy canada goose uk CIA and ISI.

So after years of accumulated evidence, finally, it was a terror related trial in a US Federal Court which established a fact that was already well known to Indian intelligence agencies canada goose outlet store near me That the CIA and the ISI were involved in major covert operations in India.

buy canada goose jacket cheap It is important to remember that in the immediate aftermath of 26/11 initial reports from India suggested that some outfit named “Deccan Mujahideen” had claimed responsibility. buy canada goose jacket cheap

However, very quickly this decoy was demolished thanks to the capture of Ajmal Kasab by the brave Mumbai police constable, Tukaram Ombale, and other evidence such as phone intercepts, recovery of weapons and other items including the seizure the boat and canada goose outlet mall dinghy used to by the terrorists to reach the Mumbai coastline.

Imagine if Ajmal Kasab hadn’t been captured alive! One cannot rule out the possibility of the discourse of 26/11 shifting entirely to “Hindu Terror”. Vigorous attempts were anyway made to portray the Mumbai Terror attacks as such.

canada goose black friday sale If these are the two base points of triangular reference frame to understand terrorism in India in the post 9/11 world, the third of this triangle dwarfs all others in its strategic significance. The third point of this canada goose outlet germany isosceles triangle was an ISI covert operation, which canada goose victoria parka outlet was aimed at breaking the spirit of the people of India with the help of Indian collaborators. Its objective canada goose jacket outlet uk was to erase and eliminate the discourse on Islamist and Jehadi terror and replace that discourse with a narrative of “Hindu Terror”. canada goose black friday sale

The strategic design was to create a canada goose outlet new terror calculus to change the discourse on terrorism in India and by doing so make the majority Hindu community feel humiliated and lose self respect. This would have facilitated the creation of an unquestioned space for the insertion of a countervailing narrative to cover up all Islamist Jehadi terror attacks as “Hindu terror”.

Canada Goose Jackets The circumcenter of this Isosceles of Terror was intended to neutralize and de legitimize Pakistan’s role as a State Sponsor of Terrorism in India. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on the prevailing terrorism related discourse in India from 2000 till date. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale Some of those terrorist attacks which led to the framing of a particular narrative that of “home grown terror” and “Hindu terror” are mentioned briefly below: Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket 2003 Most terrorist attacks, some four of them, were in and around Mumbai. It would be pertinent to recall that the present genre of terrorist discourse orchestrated by Pakistan began with the 1993 bombings of Mumbai. buy canada goose jacket

2005 There were two attacks at Jaunpur in UP and Delhi. Pakistan sponsored terror thus made its eastward journey.

2006 Terrorism having spread its tentacles in the national capital and in the east, was in a position to simultaneously target both Varanasi and Mumbai. Amongst the three attacks that year, the one at Malegaon in September has canada goose outlet online reviews generated lot of controversy. At canada goose outlet uk that time there was no hint or mention of the canada goose outlet michigan phenomenon canada goose uk called canada goose outlet 2015 ‘Hindu Terror’.

canada goose coats The ATS had picked up operatives of SIMI and the DGP of Maharashtra vouched for their involvement in blasts in a canada goose outlet shop press conference (unabashedly rescinded by his successors some years later to keep in sync with political imperatives of ‘Hindu Terror).’ This was a period when Pakistan sponsored terrorism was seeking newer areas and newer avenues. canada goose coats

2007 This was the year that jihadi terrorism made its footprints in southern part of India. There were two blasts in Hyderabad within a span of three months. It also made inroads into Rajasthan by way of blasts in Ajmer in the month of October. Delhi as discussed earlier had already been targeted in 2005 and terror made its journey northwards. In February, the Samjhauta Express was targeted near Panipat (Haryana). Terror subsequently moved further north and in October there were blasts in a movie theatre in Ludhiana.

2008 The growing tentacles of jihadi terror in west, centre, north, east and south manifested themselves in this year. January Rampur (east); May Jaipur, July Bangalore, Ahmedabad, September Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Mumbai 26/11.

The trajectory, design and pattern of growth is evident for any analyst who retains his objectivity. India by end of 2008 was geographically circumscribed by Pakistan sponsored jihadi terror. Mumbai followed by Delhi were the worst victims. Maharashtra had become the most radicalized and communally sensitive state of India. It may be recalled that in these years, there was one particular party ruling the state. In 1993 as well, when India experienced the first wave of jihadi terror, it was the same party that was at the helm.

In the reckoning of this political party, Pakistan sponsored terrorism and its resultant radicalization in India was undermining its very existence. Something had to be desperately invented to counter this terror narrative. Therefore, so called ‘Hindu Terror’ had to be invented. It is not mere coincidence that even when the phenomenon of Hindu Terror had been invented, a prime ministerial aspirant, as per WikiLeaks, told the American Ambassador that he was more concerned about ‘Hindu Terror’ rather than ‘jihadi terror’.

canada goose coats on sale An English television channel and an English newspaper were also recruited for the purpose. The said channel canada goose outlet store calgary ran a totally effete, rather motivated story on Hindu groups targeting the Vice President. Nobody has taken the channel to Court nor have the so called conspirators so far canada goose outlet los angeles been prosecuted, and the said newspaper known to entirely survive on yellow journalism, have not been taken to task. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose deals India’s most incisive, irreproachable and dedicated analyst late B Raman, former Additional Secretary R questioned the very basis of ‘Hindu Terror’ and declared it ‘motivated’. The anti nationals in the country lampooned him. His stand was ascribed to his desire to acquire a sinecure from a possible new government. It was only when the attacks got vicious that Raman with great anguish had to say that the only sinecure left for him was in the kingdom of God as he was in the terminal stages of cancer. canada goose deals

In all these years Mumbai and Maharashtra had been nurtured as nursery of terror through incessant dose of terrorism and jihadi terror discourse. The ISI and the Dawood gang had colluded towards this. By the year 2008, jihadi terror had consumed the entire country and Maharashtra had emerged as canada goose premium outlet the meeting point of jihadi terror and politics. Politicians in Maharashtra began to dabble into the terror discourse for monetary inducements and vote bank politics.

canada goose clearance sale It is in this backdrop that Lt Col Purohit operated as an intelligence officer in Devlali, Nasik. The unremitting terrorist attacks canada goose parka uk all over the country had outraged the country. Indians were confounded regards the motive of such attacks by the ISI through its agents in India. The religious factor was overwhelming. Polarization of Indians along religious lines was ineluctable outcome. This polarization was like the death knell for some political parties. inventing Hindu Terror canada goose clearance sale.

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