The point that I making is that it way too early to tell Withdrew from society. My fucking best friend and brother was in our hometown for thanksgiving and I didn’t hang out with him as much because he doesn’t smoke and doesn’t approve of me smoking. I don’t see my family bc I’d rather smoke. These may just be my preferences but the one card I think that’s required for any RWx deck running Hero is Heroic Reinforcements. It just simply wins me too many games to go less than 4. Also, with the number of humans you’re running, 2x Unclaimed Territory will help you stay on curve and prevent you from eating shockland damage..

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That being said, Peterson must contend with an injury and an opposing team that will be throwing everything they have at him. Speaking to the Star Tribune, Packers cornerback Sam Shields said he has nothing but respect for Peterson, but that his team to stop him. Other Packers players have expressed similar sentiments of respect, but a greater desire to stop him so the Packers can secure a first round playoff bye.

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