No, the burden of proof is on the person proposing the continually challenging me to trust him

LOL, thats a first. No, the burden of proof is on the person proposing the accusation. I have no problem believing this if it was true and backed by factual information, but theres not. I agree about the body language, which is why I qualified the post so much, but the story seems remarkably convenient, and I’m still mystified that apparently nobody expected the developer to have such a visceral reaction. I mean, it’s the ’50s, and the two guys are kissing. (Yes, in the theater world, and at Hollywood parties that didn’t involve the [mostly conservative] producers, that wouldn’t have been too shocking, but for a Philadelphia corner drugstore?).

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Put that into perspective, to complete SkyTrain to Langley city, you looking for an extra $1.5 billion. You compare that to a $42 billion number and there a huge difference in scale. There the bigger dreams and demands of a rapidly growing we connect to the Fraser Valley, Chilliwack, Abbotsford? Cote asked.

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He recently made an official trip to UCLA, where new head coach Mick Cronin’s familiarity with wholesale sports jerseys for dogs Jackson originated with Cronin’s previous incarnation as the Cincinnati coach. Jackson is close to his mom and his younger brother. He had resisted the lure of leaving Albany Academy for prep school and had been considered a probable East Coast recruit..

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