Motorbike Storage

Whether you’re a weekend biker wanting to free up some space on the driveway, or someone looking for a secure place to store your bike for the long term, we offer tailored motorcycle storage to meet every need.

From bikes to boats, we at Cherished Vehicle Storage provide a friendly and unrivalled maintenance service, carried out by highly skilled professionals with years of experience in our prospective fields. When storing your bike with us, you have peace of mind that it is in the hands of a small and dedicated team that are as passionate about your vehicle as you are. We don’t hire in outside companies, only we will look after your vehicle, this ensures it receives the attention and due care it deserves.
With an extensive list of onsite services, our individual maintenance schedule can be arranged to meet your personal requirements. All bikes are stored in dedicated motorcycle bays, and for your reassurance and our own we perform daily security checks and vehicle inspections as standard.
This is not a list of all services we offer, but your personal plan can include:
  • Tyre rolling to avoid flattening and cracking, and ensure your tyres are kept in tip-top condition.
  • A valeting service where we wash and clean your bike to a meticulously high standard.
  • Electrical testing to check everything electrical is functioning as it should.
  • Fluid levels and tyre pressures regularly inspected so they stay at their optimum.
  • Monthly Engine Run up to the bike’s operating temperature to lubricates seals and hoses and keep your car in its prime.
  • Battery Conditioning to maintain your battery life and make sure your vehicle doesn’t lose electrical memory function.
  • Paintwork enhancement which we offer exclusively. From powder coating to polishing we can bring your bike’s paintwork back to its best.


We understand that looking after your vehicle is a  personal thing so are always happy to talk over any individual preferences you may have.

For further details on storing your bike with us, or to discuss your personal maintenance plan, please contact us by phone or email.