In general, the economy is doing really well, people are

I can’t shop online at all for risk of getting the thing and the fit not being right. I pretty much cycle through a few reliable clothing items until they are too worn out to continue wearing. Another plus for me I guess is that nobody bats an eye if a guy is dressed badly, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling self conscious and gross if I’m in an outfit I’m not happy with.

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La gente de aqu se puso en la miseria ella solita, porque eran malcontentos como t, y ahora la estn pagando todas. Sera gracioso y karmico si no fuera por el monton de inocentes que se llevaron por el medio producto de su propia idiotez. Yo, la verdad, producto del colchn de dlares que fui haciendo antes de la debacle, estoy bastante bien.

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I know it may sound crazy, but the world is always one bad decision away from total chaos. We have these guns to protect ourselves from tyranny, both foreign and domestic. I think that illuminates a completely rational use for these weapons myself. Three New Year Resolution IdeasWith the New Year just around the corner, many people will aim to establish their resolutions. If you need help with outlining yours, the following covers some great ideas to take on board. The article also discusses near death experiences correlated with the afterlife.

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