I played a lot of heroes, but the one that consistently got me

When I speak about finding a fit between your strengths and the client’s needs, I guess I have overlooked one point that I assumed everyone understood. Recently one of my new students said “Our client said that they felt we could be a great fit for their current situation.” He excitedly said “Even though we know our competitor offers a better solution, I think we convinced them to buy from us.” Oops. Shame on me.

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Then there that Jack Whittaker story where unemployed people would camp out at the his favorite breakfast spot or places he liked to eat to harass him for money until he had to stop going there. Really the Whittaker story puts it into perspective how if I ever won the lottery I uproot the family and disappear. (I in a state that doesn let you be anonymous.)That type of generosity has turned sour on so many lottery winners it notorious..

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