” (For the record, I’m plagiarizing myself on that last clause

canada goose uk outlet But, I want to be clear that this was not a choice. I didn’t decide to be an atheist. If I had a chance to go to heaven, and live in bliss with loved ones, I would probably take it. He played guitar and sang lead on songs for Two Star Tabernacle, played bass with The Hentchmen, drummed in cowpunk band Goober the Peas and played on the first album by garage rock band The Go. But one night, Jack asked Meg to play a simple Canada Goose Outlet beat for something he was working on, and shortly after, they started a band that would change rock history. I hate to feed into the sexist trope that a woman’s worth is framed by a man’s story, or that woman’s primary purpose is to fill a void for a man. canada goose uk outlet

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