“We’re more of the John Wayne generation,” Faye said

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Designer Fake Bags Great grandfather Reynold Caleen went face to face with a knife wielding thug who tried to pull him out of his car and steal his wallet in the parking lot of a Walgreens store Tuesday.The sprightly senior knocked the knife out of the suspect’s hands and managed to land a few good kicks as the pair wrestled to the ground.Lead guitarist Shaun Carrington, bass guitarist Kern Brantley and replica bags cheap drummer Nisan Stewart, in town to rehearse for Knowles’ Ladies First tour with Missy Elliott and Alicia Keyes, came to Caleen’s rescue after the suspect, Malcolm Clemons, tried to drive the old man’s Mercury out of the parking lot.The trio, on their way to see a movie, blocked Clemons’ path with a rented minivan.It’s Good to Be BeyoncFrom humble Houston beginnings to multimillion dollar success, E! covers her golden destiny.When he took off running, the musicians chased him down in their van. Clemons was tackled by a Walgreens employee and the band subdued him until police could arrive.”Gotta protect society as much as we can, you know?” Stewart told WSVN TV.Clemons was charged with armed carjacking and battery of a person over 65 a felony and spent the evening in the Palm Beach County Jail, pending a court appearance.According to local reports, Caleen and his wife, Faye, had never even heard of the “Crazy in Love” singer.”We’re more of the John Wayne generation,” Faye said.For those of the MTV generation, Knowles has been hard to miss recently. She won five Grammys last month and stands to take home four Soul Train Awards at the March 20 ceremony.The independent woman, on a 22 city tour with Elliott and Keyes, will get added public face time as the new pitchperson for Tommy Hilfiger perfume on top of her duties as Pepsi pusher.Expect a brief Beyonc break some time later this year when she heads back into the studio with Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to begin work on their next album Designer Fake Bags.

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