The First Nation is extremely disappointed and is currently

DR. BRUCE BIDGOOD SHARES HIS POLITICAL BIOHousing, Seniors’ Advisory, Downtown Improvement Area and Spirit of BC. He has served as Council liaison to a number of community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Library Board and Kermodei Tourism.

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kanken sale November 26, 2012 Fort McMurray, ABToday the First Nation received a decision from the Alberta Court of appeal dismissing their application for leave to appeal a decision of the Joint Review Panel to not review the adequacy of Crown consultation before deciding whether to approve Shell’s Jackpine Mine expansion project.The First Nation is extremely disappointed and is currently reviewing their options to address the lack of adequate consultation with respect to Shell’s tar sands project.”Our rights are being overlooked and that is a truth that cannot be denied,” stated Chief Allan Adam of the ACFN. “If there is a violation of our constitutionally protected treaty rights it should be dealt with before this project is found to be in the public interest.A project of this magnitude couldn’t possibly be in the public interest if our rights have not been upheld and we have not been adequately consulted.”During the course of the last month the ACFN have been raising multiple concerns within the Joint Review Panel hearings on Shell’s Jackpine Mine expansion citing poor consultation and direct and adverse effects on the First Nations’ ability to continue its treaty and associated aboriginal rights to hunt kanken bags, fish, trap and gather.The decision today stressed that the hearings were a part of the consultation process yet the Alberta government has been absent and even referred to themselves as “strangers” to the process.”Who has better jurisdiction to deal with our rights and the adequacy of consultation more appropriately then the bodies that grant approval? Our rights are shuffled from agency to agency with no real remedy,” stated Chief Adam. “There has been a complete devolution of the Crown’s duty to consult pushing consultation into the hands of the proponents and downgrading First Nation rights kanken sale.

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