I pitched it to my girlfriend

additional hints Farming. Animal husbandry.The next economy will go in one of two directions.Either someone will solve climate change, and their energy innovation will give them control of the next global economy.Or no one will solve it and calories will become the currency for the next global economy.Haha haha.I love that you went back and edited your reply to reference the first time I told you that your idea is pseudoscience and has been completely dismissed. You remember, that conversation where you admitted you have NO SCIENTIFIC EXPERTISE.This is especially adorable, because my explicit criticism of your theory yesterday included a prediction that you would run away to other skeptics to get help, so you could find a way to defend your silly ideas.And today, I’ve shared a link for you to a climatologist who has simply explained why your idea is silly.And I’ve shared a link to the research that explains how we know which weather events are tied to climate change and which are still confusing.And I’ve shared a link to the book that functions as the cornerstone for climate/weather attribution..

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