“I am happy that we are able to support the Alzheimer’s

Letters have been mailed to residents of the Emergency Planning Zone who are eligible to receive a free radio but who have not been issued one. “If youve received the letter and would like a tone alert radio, please call our office, Egan said. “If you either have a radio issued by our office or do not wish to receive one, please fill out and return the form included with the letter to us..

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The Alzheimer’s Association will have a table at the Westchester County Center during the game with staff on hand to talk about the organization’s programs, services and fundraisers. At halftime, there will be a short presentation about Alzheimer’s.”It is important for The New York Streets to partner with organizations to make a difference in our community,” said Corey Galloway, Owner, New York Streets. “I am happy that we are able to support the Alzheimer’s Association to bring awareness to those impacted by this horrible disease.””The Alzheimer’s Association is thrilled to partner with the New York Streets to spread awareness of the disease,” said David Sobel, president and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association Hudson Valley Chapter.

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