An event only made possible by the speed and robotic actions

san francisco 49ers cheerleader takes a knee

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In the second quarter, Thompson was able to provide a spark for the Pirate offense. She had an old fashioned three point play in the early going and then hit another jumper at the 7:05 mark to cut the lead to 26 13. After the Wildcats ripped off six straight points, Thompson again tried to drag ECU back into it.

There are some absolutely ridiculous people in this thread who in a lot of cases don’t seem to own a dog. Their arguments range from dogs don’t need to travel with you, maybe you should drive, or just throw it in a kennel. Them saying that they don’t need to deal with your dog because they have an allergy or don’t care for dogs is like me saying fuck people with peanut allergies, planes should carry peanuts again.

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They hear from Charlie Duke about the extraordinary Apollo missions he was part of, including his role as Capsule Communicator for the very first moon landing, before taking his own first steps on the lunar surface as part of Apollo 16. They explore the different experience of astronauts from Charlie’s era, and those who now become residents of space, spending months and months aboard the International Space Station, and the challenges each mission brings. And Claude Nicollier describes his epic spacewalk to repair the Hubble Telescope.

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