Across England, the number of non decent council homes has

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Hermes Handbags Replica New Government figures have revealed Fake Hermes Bags that a total of 1,818 properties owned by three Derbyshire councils were classed as non decent by the start of April 2018, which is equal to one in 16 council houses across the county.A dwelling is defined as non decent if it fails to meet the statutory minimum safety standards, does not provide a reasonable degree of thermal comfort, is not in a reasonable state of repair or does not have reasonably modern facilities.The proportion of council homes that are non decent is higher in Derbyshire than the national average.Across England, more than 70,000 council homes were deemed to be non decent, or 4% of all council owned properties.The proportion is even higher in some parts of Derbyshire. In High Peak, one in every six council homes are failing to her response meet basic standards, with 4,449 classed as non decent; in North East Derbyshire, the figure stood at 807, or one in every 10 council homes and in Bolsover there were 354 homes not in a fit state.While nationally things are improving, in Derbyshire the situation is getting worse. Across England, the number of non decent council homes has dropped from 83,440 in April 2017 to 70,332 in April 2018. Hermes Handbags Replica

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